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Senior Tech Recruiter in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Engineering and Data Science.

I have been a Tech recruiter in the full IT lifecycle for the past eight years and provide smart solutions for companies of all sizes to recruit the best talent in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, Engineering, Cloud, Robotics, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Programming, UX, UI, Business Intelligence, Testing, ETL & DevOps. I pride myself on my unparalleled, dedicated service and believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future.

I have developed a comprehensive technical understanding of the multiple challenges companies face to succeed in this competitive market place and have worked with various start-ups through to some of the biggest social network, artificial intelligence, Gaming, e-commerce, publishing, fintech, retail, adtech, charity, utilities, cleantech, and banking institutions across the Globe.

I love to give back to the tech industry so I own and run the following:

► Data Science, AI, Machine Learning Job Board

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Hadoop Experts UK, EMEA & APAC

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