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I have joined CognitionX as the Head of Talent Services and Community Development Manager here in London.


I’d love to personally invite you to join the community, sign up to our news briefing and catch up in person at one of the dinners or events we have planned.



You can sign up to the community here:


News Briefings

And you can subscribe to the daily or weekly news briefing here:



One of our most exciting upcoming events is a talk on the 26th September by the great Hermann Hauser (founder of Acorn and ARM which was just sold for £24bn) on, “What is Intelligence?”.


Talent Services

And if you are currently looking for a new role, would like some advice or just to hear about the many opportunities across our network – sign up to the community and I would be happy to help.


I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully seeing you at one of our events soon.